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As I See It 3-5-15
Publish Date: Thursday, 05 March, 2015
The political porridge is starting to boil! The heat is being turned up at all positions, and the political and world scene is reacting accordingly. The former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, took a haymaker swing at President Obama last week when he said in his statement to the council:  "Countries including the United States have one single foremost obligation that has to be addressed by its leader. In President Obama's case, that first priority is to protect the United States of America."
Giuliani in a very quick message said, in my opinion now, that this president doesn't love America. He likes the things he can address and enjoy with his family, but he does not love the principles of opportunity and freedom we offer.
Giuliani slam-bammed Obama double time, and the president's hierarchy was quick to jump on television shows and through emails, demanding an apology and a retreat from what was said. "No sir," said Giuliani. "I will not retract one word! I will not retract that statement! He does not love America. He loves his show-off ability and stage-like tactics, and that's where it starts and stops."
Many people think Giuliani told it the way it is. And they fear that, if he doesn't love America, he can't protect this nation. The Homeland Security Act is strictly a farce in their opinion.

We must get our feet to the ground, our back to the wall, and ourselves into a strong position because a push is going to be coming. Only those with common sense are going to survive. Survival in this push has to do with common sense and strength. These countries, these terrorists, these people that hate us have been involved in religious wars for hundreds of years, and we simply are not going to be able to talk them out of it. They hate Israel, they hate all Christian nations, and they hate people of the United States, and they would like to wipe us off the face of this earth. They're making a stab at this in a pretty powerful way.
You must remember those people do not believe in Jesus, they do not believe in the Bible, and they do not believe in the freedoms that we enjoy and the opportunities that we offer. They believe in tyranny, and they believe in socialism. They believe in taking from the people what they've earned and taking from the people the ability to expand and to grow. So you see, the political fire is being turned up on an already boiling pot.
Meanwhile, we have an unparalleled situation here in America of indebtedness with our government reportedly to be heading into the $22.2 trillion mark! It's unheard of by any country in history. And our congress is not able to come up with a balanced budget. They don't even seem to want to work at it. They just want to pour some more political juice into the fire, and that political juice is high-test gas.
It's past time for Congress to ask for help from God. We all need His help. We need more belief in the Lord for He is, indeed, in control. That's the start of it, that's the end of it, and no political jargon is going to change it.
Common sense is another thing that would help. Two big words, common sense.  In the political arena, I fear there are far too many who do not have it.
It's going to be interesting to see how the American people are going to treat this president. Did Giuliani trigger them into action? I have an idea it sure could. Certainly, something has got to change as that boiling point is rising up the side of the kettle. We need action, and we need it very soon.
Yes sir, the political boiling point is about to explode. I say to you, Mr. President and people surrounding you, you're not going to be around too long, and you better start getting your bags packed!
To change the subject to Mother Nature, you poor folks from Florida up through the Northeast, I feel for you. You're living in the sunshine area, but this year has been one for the record books. Don't blame it on anybody. In the West, we get hard, nasty winters. It will not go away just because you don't like it. It will not go away because you think the government should do something about it. The only way to survive is to buck up and go through it. Good luck! Spring's a-coming!

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