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As I See It 5-21-15
Publish Date: Thursday, 21 May, 2015
Our nation recognizes its military on the third Saturday in May each year on a day called Armed Services Day. I so admire the various branches of our Armed Services and what they have meant to the United States over the centuries.
Sadly, it's not just foreign countries that give us a lot of "fritz" ... there are also factions within our own population that don't like it here, that don't like what we're doing elsewhere, and that are willing to riot about it and otherwise raise trouble. These are the people that I wish that the Armed Services and our administration could address. They're just as dangerous, if not worse, as foreign countries are. It's about time, in my opinion. The biggest job that any administration has is to protect the citizens who live within its borders.
I wish there were more politicians, folks in high power places and, if you please, in our court systems from the Supreme Court on down, who would make our safety a higher priority. If the dissatisfied people are so unhappy that they would like to destroy this country from within, including their own families, then somebody with power who has the ability to put restrictions on them must say to them, "You not only are you going to lose your citizenship and all the pluses that come with it here in America, but also you are going to get yourself out of this country. Go to where you think it's so much better. And if you don't go willingly and promptly, we'll take you there!"
We need leaders with some guts and some gall. We need people who know how to say NO on behalf of our country. I don't mean maybe; I mean NO! Those troublemaking folks should be told in no uncertain terms: "If you don't like it here with all the perks that you have, and if you're willing to lose your citizenship and all of those perks, then get out. Go somewhere else and stay there! But remember, leave now and you will have forever lost your United States citizenship and all its opportunities and perks."
This has got to come about. We're playing footsie with these rioters and other folks who would ruin so much of what we have in this wonderful country. I've had it with them. I can't stand it. I just don't know how those folks in high places -- whose job it is to protect our laws and privileges and opportunities -- can stand by and let these situations go on and not put a stop to them.
They say, if we put them away for life in prison, that in itself is the ruination of a person and the ruination of any future they might think they have, but I think it would be far better to eliminate their citizenship, kick them out of the country, tell them to leave and stay gone and that their privileges and opportunities as an American citizen will be gone forever at all levels. I for one have absolutely had it.
I cannot stand it anymore. We don't have anyone with any guts or glory to defend the outstanding privileges this country offers. This country offers more than anyplace in the world and by golly, somebody, someplace, has got to stand up for the U.S. and say to these ungrateful, unpatriotic, and troublemaking rioters: No, you're no longer going to be a citizen of this great nation with all its perks and privileges. You get out of here. You're done. Go away and we'll help you a little to get out of here. Forever may the door be closed to you.
Think this is a little strong? Something has got to be done to curb this thing. This country can be destroyed from within probably quicker than from without.
I hope you observed Armed Services Day. Those men and women who are on the list of the various military complements deserve our thanks and recognition. Congratulations to every one of them! Let's thank them whenever we can ... personally for what their service means to each and every one of us average American citizens.
As for that small but vocal minority of folks who think they can rule this country with their threats of violence, let's all tell them that their days are numbered. "Get out! And we'll help you stay out, but you have forever lost all privileges offered by being a United States citizen and/or its opportunities and perks!"
If you know somebody who needs to read this, tell him or her you've had it with their kind. Tell them that you (and they for that matter) are part of the United States capitalistic system and that you believe in the opportunities that we offer each other. Tell them, if they don't want to be good American citizens, "Goodbye! Good riddance forever and ever. Amen!"

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