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Thursday, 14 November, 2019

This week’s column is one I have been contemplating for several months.  It seems like every time I turn around I hear the word “sustainability” in agricultural circles.  Most conventions or meetings I attend, many articles and opinion pieces, and multiple speakers all center around sustainability and how it pertains to the U.S. agricultural industry.

The definition of sustainability, according to

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Diamond D Angus Ranch Annual Production Sale
Sale Averages: 81 Coming Two Year Old Forage Developed Bulls Average $3,608 36 Bred Heifers Average $

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Heart K Angus Ranch 23rd Annual Production Sale
Sale Average: 56 Bull Calves Average $3,732 Sale Highlights: Lot 5 $15,000 to Wilson Angus Ra

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Sitz Angus Genetic Influence Commercial Bred Female Sale
Sale Average: 1,771 Commercial Bred Females Average $1,494 Sale Highlights: Lot 3 $1,900 x 28

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ZumBrunnen Angus Female Sale
Sale Manager:   CK6 Consulting 79 Registered Angus Females Averaged $1,950 47 Commercial An

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Mohican West Polled Herefords Annual Bull Sale
Sale Average: 40 Coming Two Year Old & Fall Yearling Bulls Average $3,005 Sale Highlights:

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Diamond D Angus Production Sale



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Green Mountain Angus Ranch Production Sale


Email: Home Phone: (406)568-2768 Cell Phone: (406)220-1975

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Baldridge/Tiedeman Angus Production Female Sale

11/16/2019 Bob: 308-520-0500 Jake: 308-520-0499

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Woodhill Farms Angus Production Sale


Brian & Lori McCulloh (608) 675-3238S. 7589 Tainter Hollow Rd. • Viroqua, WI 54665 • Cell (608) 6

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Thistledew Cattle Co. Angus Production Sale



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Callicrate Discusses Rebuilding a Broken System

By Mayzie Purviance

Mike Callicrate joined the Northern Plains Resource Council at their 2019 annual meeting November 9, 2019 as their Saturday morning speaker.  Callicrate holds many titles: Cattleman, political activist, author, founder of the farm advocacy group, Organization for Competitive Markets (OCM), and the lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit again the world’s largest meat packer IBP (now part

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The Devil in the Details

By Kayla Sargent

Readers may recall a WAR article about animal welfare versus animal rights titled “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing.”  Cavalry Group founder Mindy Patterson warned us that animal “rights” is merely a political agenda while animal “welfare” is what ranchers know best — the animal’s health and wellbeing.  The recently passed PACT Act is the utmost example of “a

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