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MAY is BEEF Month

As cattlemen and women, we all know and believe beef is what’s best for dinner.  As summer kicks off, albeit different this year, people are excited to fire up their grills, call the neighbors, and enjoy the sunshine and the smell of a summer barbeque.  That’s why May has unofficially been deemed “Beef Month” in many states across the country.


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When in Doubt, Can ‘em Out

My four newest horses need wet saddle blankets and the broken rims north of my house are a great spot for a workout.  After saddling Kansas, the most predictable of the four newbies, I caught three senior horses for my grandkids on this first shorter circle.   Will is nine and rode Cody.  I led the aged mare, Flip, packing four-year-old

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Thoughts from the Editor

I don’t know if there is enough time in the day to find, let alone respond to, the many published opinion pieces and even “factual” articles that claim beef production is destroying the planet and plant-based or lab grown meat may just be the ticket.  My email is subscribed to “Google alerts” for any new articles that contain the words

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The End of Meat is NOT Here

The year is 2017, I’m sitting around the dinner table one afternoon with various members of my family.  We’re talking about the ag industry, something common in the Purviance household, and I decide to tell my family about some of the things I’d seen on social media.  My claims involved the usual suspects: false information spread by PETA, young animal

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AgriKid of the Week

Zane (age 4) and Grey Wayman (almost age 2) help their papa move hot wire fence in Ronan, Montana.

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Honey’s Sweeter than Vinegar — Part 2

There was trouble on the ranch last week.  Not only was the ranch crew trying to rid all the water troughs of the goldfish Rascal had placed in them, but Mrs. McBauck was in a tizzy because the mountain lion and his goon nabbed a young hen.  Banjo wasted no time in trying to reach the hen before it was

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Branding Etiquette

In honor of National Beef Month, I have decided to rerun a branding etiquette column since I have had numerous requests to repeat it.  One of the nicest compliments I have received is when readers have told me they have this column posted on their refrigerator or they have shared it with some of their branding crew.  Sadly, as the

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Memorial Day 2020

Every Memorial Day, my long-time friend David would honor both his family and fellow Vietnam War veterans with a visit to his hometown cemetery, an hour’s drive west of St.  Louis.

Once there, and with the help of his siblings and cousins, David would mow the grass in the family plot, scrub its granite and brass grave markers, and place colorful,

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Comments by the Publisher

May is National Beef Month so our Western Ag Reporter staff thought it would be fitting to make this our “Special Beef Month Issue.”  Memorial Day is referred to by many as “The Unofficial Start of Summer” and is definitely the official start of “Grilling Season.”  The best protein choice on the grill for many is BEEF.

Packing plants have slowly

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