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ELD/HOS With Some Wheels Under Them

by Kayla Sargent


The industry’s transportation concerns are gaining some traction in D.C.  The Modernizing Agricultural Transportation Act (MATA), introduced by Senator John Hoeven (R-ND) and Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO), would “establish a working group at the Department of Transportation (DOT) to examine the Hours of Service (HOS) regulations and the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) regulations.”  The bill would also further

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Officials from D.C. Make MSGA MidYear a ‘Historic’ Event

All horse parade at the MSGA Mid-Year Conference

by Kayla Sargent

Festivities at Montana Stockgrowers Association (MSGA) Mid Year Convention in Dillon, Montana resounded with  American pride and national involvement.  From a classic all horse parade, a concert featuring an “American Dream” band, to speakers straight out of D.C., the organization tackled major issues and provided a welcome break for Montana

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U.S. and China Launch Tariffs in Ensuing Trade War Agriculture Set to be Prime Target

By Kayla Sargent

President Trump’s promise to impose more tariffs has resulted in China quickly responded with retaliations.  On June 15, President Trump announced a 25 percent tariff on $50 billion worth of Chinese technology imports.  The tariffs are set to take effect on July 6.

In response, China also imposed a 25 percent tariff on multiple U.S. goods, including many agricultural

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USCA Herds the Hill

Kenny Graner, U.S. Cattlemen’s Association; Barry Vculek; Terry Wanzek; Secretary Wilbur Ross; tom Campbell; Congressman Kevin Cramer (R-ND), Chad Weckerley; Levi Otis; and Julie Ellington, ND Stockmen’s Asssociation

By Hannah Johlman

June 14-15, cattle producers from across the nation gathered in Washington, D.C. for the United States Cattlemen’s Association (USCA) Annual Fly-In.  Members met with their state representatives, key leaders, industry

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“KABOOM!”, Can’t Catch a Nap

By Jean Peterson

Rascal hobbled to the barn door.  He leaned on the make-shift crutch, which was a stick, and looked out to the driveway.  Banjo was laying stretched out, soaking up the sweet summer sun.

“Mangy dog,” sniveled Rascal.  He reached into his pocket and removed the bell he’d been using to summon the ranch crew. The masked menace would jingle

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Voices In My Head

By Susan Metcalf

Chris Young had a hit country song entitled “I Hear Voices” and I think it was written for me! The first line is “you can say I’m a little bit crazy, you can call me insane”. Of course, these things are true, but he goes on to describe the voices of his ancestors in his head. Not only

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Livestock Predators, Beef Checkoff, Land Banking Interim Policy Set at MSGA MidYear Convention

by Kayla Sargent

In a series of committee meetings on Thursday, MSGA moved forward with four new interim policies.

Predators were widely addressed in the Land Use and Environment Committee meeting.  Two interim policies introduced in the committee centered around wolves and grizzly bears.

The Southeast Montana Livestock Association introduced policy to declare wolves in Montana Regions 6 & 7 a predator.  Ty

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Brucellosis a Key Discussion at MSGA MidYear Possible Changes to DSA on Horizon

By Kayla Sargent

Hosted in Beaverhead County, part of the Brucellosis designated survelliance area (DSA), the MSGA MidYear Convention devoted much discussion to the disease and its effects on Montana’s ranchers.  Dr. Langston D. Hull, DVM, PhD, USDA APHIS Director – Cattle Health Center flew to the state to specifically address the issue with stakeholders.

“Brucellosis is the real reason I came

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Senate Farm Bill Heads to Floor A Timely Passage Still Possible

By Kayla Sargent

The Senate Agriculture Committee passed the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 by a 20-1 vote.

Senator Charles Grassley (R-KS) voted against the bill because he hoped to see a program payment limitation amendment but failed to get it considered in the Committee due to “procedural problems”.  He plans to offer the amendment on the Senate floor.

Commonly referred to as

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On The Road: Ireland’s Farms, Food, and Future

By Alan Guebert

Dublin, even in June sunshine, can’t entirely shake its smoky, troubled past. Bullet holes the size of grapes still pockmark the pillars and walls of the General Post Office, the epicenter of the 1916 Easter Rebellion, and its cobblestone side streets look more 18th century than 21st.

Still, it’s sunny and warm and Dublin’s streets are packed with people,

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Trade, ELD and Grizzlies on the Docket MT Farm Bureau Summer Conference Covers Array of Issues

Whether agricultural concerns revolve around livestock health issues, the farm bill, noxious weeds or taxes, members of the Montana Farm Bureau (MFB) advisory committees had plenty to visit about during the organization’s summer conference, June 12-14 at Fairmont Hot Springs. More than 170 members met to discuss issues and develop Farm Bureau policy for 2019.

Mountain State Legal Foundation President William

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By John Goggins

This day and age it is easy to get caught up in politics, trade issues, radical foreign leaders, and other subjects along these lines.  Sometimes we all need to remind ourselves there are other pressing issues for those of us involved in ranching and farming.  Of course, the easy ones are the weather and what the markets are

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“After a huge move a year ago from Western Montana to Western North Dakota, we finally feel like we’re getting our feet under us. Branding went off without a hitch, thanks to some great new friends. This country out here is full of cowboys and we’re hoping to raise up a few more. In the photo, left to right, is

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Pavlov’s Dogs

By Rep. Krayton Kerns DVM

Regarding animal behavior, the nature versus nurture question remains unanswered.  Recent national headlines, combined with happenings in my veterinary clinic, demonstrate the variation between and within the species.  Consider this:

Case #1:  Wednesday afternoon, a young boy was leash walking his aged Labrador in Laurel’s Thompson Park when a Pit Bull exploded from nowhere and attacked the

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Beef Industry Showcase, Start to Finish 2018 YCC Offers Nationwide Tour

Young Cattlemen’s Conference class of 2018 consisted of 61 individuals from across the U.S. Participants toured various faucets of the beef industry from Denver to D.C.

By Bailey McKay

The 2018 Young Cattlemen’s Conference (YCC) gave 61 individuals from across the U.S. the chance to spend 10 days touring a showcase of various faucets of the beef industry. The YCC graduates

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