Burger King Boasts Beefless Burger Nationwide

By Kayla Sargent

Just one month after launching their pilot fake meat program, Burger King has decided to offer the “Impossible Whopper” nationwide.  The vegan version of the famous Whopper was offered in 59 St. Louis restaurants starting April 1 and a company spokesperson said the test “went exceedingly well.” In fact, “Impossible Whopper sales are complementing traditional Whopper purchases,” the spokesperson said.

By the end of the year, Burger King hopes to offer the vegan burger in all 7,200 U.S. locations.  This will be the largest roll out of the Impossible Burger since it’s market introduction.  The Impossible Burger 2.0 is made to mimic real beef burgers in taste and texture.  Impossible Foods said the Impossible Whopper is made of “mostly soy protein, potato protein, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and heme (a lab-made protein that “bleeds” juice).” A Missouri Farm Bureau spokesperson conducted a taste test of the two Whoppers and reported that the Impossible Whopper was actually quite similar to a real Whopper.

According to NBC News, Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown hopes that by 2035 plant-based and alternative protein products will completely replace the need for animal meat.  Fast food restaurants seem to be racing toward that trend.  Del Taco recently announced a partnership with Beyond Meat; Qdoba will offer Impossible Foods’ plant-based proteins in all 730 locations; White Castle offers an Impossible Burger slider; and Carl’s Jr. serves a veggie burger made by Beyond Meats.  Internationally, Beyond Burgers can be found at Canadian A & W’s and European McDonald’s offer the McVegan burger and vegan McNuggets.


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