SDFU Young Producers Realize They’re All in the Same Boat

SDFU Hosted Young Producers Event in Deadwood.Back Row: Pat Moen, Stratford; Ben Miner, Cavour; Jeff Kippley, Aberdeen; Brian Cain, Miller; Rocky Forman, Huron; Hank Wonnenberg, Dallas; Matt Cavenne, Miller; Brandon Komes, Sturgis; and Peter Sobotka, Whitewood.Front Row: Suzanne Moen, Stratford; Rachel Kippley, Aberdeen; Shawn Miner, Cavour; Lindsey Cain, Miller; Mandi Forman, Huron; Mellissa Wonnenberg, Dallas; Stephanie Cavenne, Miller; Paige Komes, Sturgis; and Maria

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