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While I continually use this space to talk about the emergence of “fake meat” into the national market space, it all became a bit more “real” last week for myself and fellow ranch family and friends when the issue came up in my hometown.  It is easy for us to read the headlines and simply think, ‘well, I’m not in the big city so I can continue on my way.’

Our local Cattle Women were quick to dive into research on Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat when the product was in their backyard.  What they found came as a surprise to some and is disturbing enough I feel the need to share it again.

Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown has publicly stated multiple times “our mission is to completely replace animals in the food system by 2035.  You laugh but we are absolutely serious about it and it’s doable.”

That is 16 years away and he strongly believes our industry will be wiped out by then!  If that doesn’t trigger a strong reaction in you, I don’t know what will.  It sure does in me and I have made the personal decision to not support restaurants like Burger King and Red Robin that are feeding into this company’s agenda.

The same goes for Beyond Meat.  Their mission, listed up front and center on the website, is to create “The Future of Protein” by shifting from animal to plant-based meat.  “Removing the animal from the protein production chain simultaneously and powerfully addresses four major problems attributable to livestock,” the company claims.  Those issues are human health, climate change, global resource constraints, and animal welfare.  They are selling their product by instilling false fears about our industry.  Do you not take offense with that?  I do.

I concede that vegetarian options are necessary for those that are unable to eat meat or choose not to.  But, there are certainly better options available for vegans than a company that has made it their mission to destroy my livelihood.  And by taking a strong personal stance on the subject, I’m by no means dictating anyone else to do the same, my decision is just that — mine.

However, upon learning about these true and ugly motives, our community was disappointed that the product had arrived here at home.  The restaurant owner was also shocked to hear the truth about where the ill intentions of Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat.  So ultimately, taking a strong stand and being quick to spread the message led to the removal of the item from the menu.

I’m proud of our local ranchers whom took it upon themselves to learn more and spread that critical message.  I’m proud of the restaurant owner for listening to these folks and reinforcing his support for the local agriculture community.  I’m proud to say that my hometown educated themselves, took a stand, and earned a victory for our beef producers.

Now if only we could get on the same page across the nation…


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