Dare to Be Free

Quotes from two great Americans are pinned to the cork board above my desk.  The first is a Charles Lindbergh statement, “Life without risks is not worth living.”  Per Lindbergh’s axiom, my many scars, screws, and plates prove that box has been checked.

The second, from Ronald Reagan reads, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”  After four sessions in Montana’s House, I fear we might be the generation letting freedom slip through our fingers.  Here is how:

The COVID-19 pandemic enabled progressives to successfully launch a nuclear attack on freedom.  Every liberty choking restraint they planned to impose incrementally under the climate change con has been instituted full force while you were social distancing at home.  Unemployment is skyrocketing, dependency is thriving, debt is spiking, gun shows are restricted, and church gatherings are banned.   Lack is sweeping grocery stores, trapping the little people in an American Venezuela while the elites are living the dream.  Have you not noticed health authorities and governors closing Main Street USA are still drawing full wages?  A government-controlled economy is our new normal unless we act now.

Here is what we learned over the past two months:

  • COVID-19 is mostly asymptomatic with a fatality rate less than 0.5 percent; not much of a risk on the Lindbergh scale.
  • The books are cooked to make COVID-19 deaths appear higher.
  • Masks are like drug store cowboys rolling up to a community branding in a new dually pickup: they are flashy but mostly worthless.
  • Rampant nationwide testing promotes the illusion of a second wave — another leftist lie.
  • Those disputing COVID-19 policies are dismissed as disagreeing with science. This is like denigrating dentist number five because four others recommend Crest.  Scientific fact is never established by a show of hands as the fifth dentist may be right.

Today, right here, right now is the time for Thomas Paine’s “summer soldiers and sunshine patriots” to join those standing for liberty.  Progressives are ruthlessly attacking cafes, coffee shops, bars, barbers, and beauty salons.  If you have been a lifelong union Democrat now is the perfect time to join the American minorities escaping the progressive plantation.  For the first time in your life, vote like you live — vote liberty. Every Democrat and liberal Republican must be booted from office as we either fight this battle today with ballots or fight it tomorrow with bullets.  Defending freedom is a risk worth taking.




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