Keepin’ It Real Campaign to Launch

By Mayzie Purviance

It seemed like the entire theme of 2019 was fake: fake meat, fake news, fake people.  To combat this faux way of life, the Western Ag Reporter is launching the “Keepin’ It Real,” campaign which is set to begin February 1, 2020.

With this campaign comes many exciting additions to our publication such as a focus on consumer-facing social media as well as the creation of a t-shirt which was chosen by our social media followers.  You can get a FREE t-shirt by visiting the Western Ag Reporter at the NCBA Convention in San Antonio and downloading our app.  We will use the hashtag #KeepinItReal2020 for all our online posts involving the campaign.  You can look forward to seeing this campaign implemented in the coming editions of the Western Ag Reporter as well.

Keepin’ It Real will focus on four main areas which encompass the issues our readers expressed interest and concerns with in 2019.  “Real meat.  Real ag.  Real people.  Real issues.”

“Real meat,” is a pressing issue within the agricultural community.  In 2019, we saw the addition of many alternative protein products such as the Impossible Whopper to fast food menus.  We also saw the introduction of legislation such as the Real MEAT Act, which clearly defines meat and leaves no room for plant-based companies to label their products as meat.  2020 is all about ‘Keepin’ It Real’ when it comes to meat.  WAR plans to keep our readership up to date with all news surrounding alternative and traditional proteins.

“Real ag,” encompasses all things agriculture.  From agricultural innovations to agricultural policy, the Western Ag Reporter is dedicated to providing our readers with real ag news in an easily accessible manner.

“Real people,” is a focused on you, the reader, and the folks that keep this world fed and clothed.  Our goal is to share the stories of agriculturists around the country in a way that resonates with the consumer.  We plan to show the real, nitty-gritty and hard-working side of agriculture through human interest stories and personal profiles, much like our Herd Reference Edition which comes out once a year.

“Real issues,” is our last theme of this campaign and is fairly simple: we want to highlight real issues which are apparent in the agricultural industry.  No fluff, no bypass of a specific topic, “no bull,” as we say in our Western Ag Weekly Update videos — real issues only in 2020.

Our goal with this campaign, is to give our readership honest, unbiased news in a timely manner, keeping up with our motto here at the Reporter, “all the news a busy rancher has time to read.”  We also hope to reach the consumer with the real facts about our industry in an effort to combat the false accusations constantly slung at us.

We have always kept it real with you, but now we’re spreading the message to a new audience.  In the wake of the fakes, we offer a light at the end of the tunnel.  We, the Western Ag Reporter, pledge to keep it real with our readership and help promote our industry and educate our consumer.


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