Quality Quarantined Time

Without a doubt, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has ensued chaos, panic, and hysteria around the globe.  In times like this, sometimes a small distraction is just what you need.

In the spirit of providing some much-needed comic relief, we asked members of our small office “What would you do if you were quarantined?” Their answers are below:

“I would read a book.”

Bailey McKay, WAR Production


“I would stay home for 14 days and watch ESPN…and probably the Hallmark Channel.”

Bob Cook, PAYS General Manager


“Oh, I would drink bourbon and listen to Ella Fitzgerald.”

Gencay Genc, WAR Production Assistant


“Well, I would be calving and doing general ranch work. I know that’s not a true quarantine, but cows don’t really know what the word ‘quarantine’ means.”

— Jared Murnin, WAR General Manager


“I don’t want to be quarantined; I’ve got way too much to do!”

— Joe Goggins, Vermillion Ranch CEO


“I would probably get fined…A LOT!”

— John Goggins, WAR Publisher


“Go home, cook ridiculous amounts of food, clean, then binge watch Hulu in my spotless house.”

— Kayla Sargent, WAR Editor


“I would clean up all the stuff I’ve got built up in my office, go through my pictures, and wait on my wine shipment.”

— Kelly Fraser, Vermillion Ranch Bookkeeper


“I’ve got a to-do list a mile long, but realistically, I would watch ‘The Office’…all day every day.”

— Mayzie Purviance, WAR Assistant Editor


“I would stay at home with my family.”

— Nikki Ostrum, WAR Accountant


“I would read the stack of books that I’ve set aside.”

— Tracy Kern, WAR Production Manager


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