Reporter Roll Call


“You’re trapped on an island with one person and it cannot be a member of your family or your significant other, who are you stranded with?”


“Nusr-et! a.k.a ‘Salt Bae.’ He would tell me about the meat when I have to hunt exotic animals and he would be a great drinking buddy because I would definitely try to find an Anise plant to make the European alcohol ‘raki.’” — Gencay Genc, WAR Production

“Ted Nugent because he is an avid promoter of gun rights and is a good hunter so we will always have something to eat.  Plus, I will have some music to listen to around the campfire at night!” — John Goggins, WAR Publisher

“I think I would choose Bear Grylls from Man vs. Wild.  And not because he is a ‘survival instructor’ but because on his shows where he is always ‘stranded alone’ he seems to have a full camera crew along whom, I presume, would have plush campers to live in, power, food, etc.  Then it would be more like a luxurious camping trip than a survival situation.” — Kayla Sargent, WAR Editor

“Ryan Reynolds, if I’m stranded, I want somebody good-looking to look at. And he has a good sense of humor so he would keep me entertained.” — Kelly Fraser, Vermilion Ranch Bookkeeping.

“I’m going to steal my mom’s answer for this and say Bobby Flay, he would know how to cook all the food!” — Mayzie Purviance, WAR Assistant Editor

“A survivalist expert, don’t care who, just as long as we have food and shelter.” — Nikki Ostrum, WAR Accounting

“John Krasinski please!  I’ll be stranded on an island with an optimistic CIA agent, ‘Jack Ryan!’” — Tracy Kern, WAR Production Manager



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