Social Distance Champions

Social distancing should mean freedom loving Americans distancing themselves from socialism — but it does not.  Rather, it is the smiley faced version of quarantine.

In my younger years my family ranched eight miles from our nearest neighbor, Emanuel Johnson, and 24 miles from the nearest town, Ingomar.  We were champions of social distancing and thought we were normal.

The gumbo plains of eastern Montana would have been an inhospitable place to start a COVID-19 pandemic, so the Coronavirus chose Wuhan, China, instead.

The ruling class and their socialist co-conspirators in the main-stream media have been lying to the unwashed for decades.  Their deceit went nuclear in 2016 and after their Russian collusion and Ukraine quid-pro-quo collapsed, they are frantically trying to tag COVID-19 to Trump.  Their relentless hyping rendered this viral pandemic the most partisan disease of all time, a slot previously occupied by Brucellosis in Yellowstone National Park’s bison.  Epidemiology should be non-partisan, but it is not, and this quickly brings me to my point.

There are truckloads of things about COVID-19 we do not know, and I have repeatedly poked fun at the toilet paper panic.  What if I am wrong?  The earliest Coronavirus data leaked from a communist Chinese propaganda laundry was then pressed, re-packaged and broadcast by our mainstream media.  Both sources have the integrity of dime store prostitutes.

As of March 19, Italy had 3,405 COVID-19 deaths compared to China’s 3,245.  Is China lying?  A recent twitter thread explained Italy’s COVID-19 experience, and Americans could be in danger thanks to the “boy who cried wolf” syndrome.  We have been lied to for so long we are caught on our heels.

The vast cancellations of public gatherings, mandated closures of private businesses, and the forced social distancing of citizens suggest this disease might be more infectious than we are told.  California just went full quarantine.  Professional associations are advising veterinarians to suspend elective procedures to save medical resources for the human supply chain.

President Trump was out front on Corona when he closed the borders.  However, his reaching across the aisle to begin transferring wealth as virus reparations is a huge mistake.  Compromise always grows government.

His trillion-dollar economic stimulus program dwarfs President Obama’s 2009 $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  As America is $23.5 trillion in debt, we are attacking this Chinese virus with funds borrowed from the Chinese.  How ironic and financially devastating.  At this time, COVID-19 is striking mostly senior citizens, but thanks to Keynesian economics, the misery and cost will be borne by the younger generation and the next generation for generations.  Think about it.




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