By Elmer E. Lemke

Bentley, ND

Since Donald Trump has promised to abide by the Constitution, we as farmers should hold him accountable to that promise – that farmers receive parity prices for their production as required in the U.S. Constitution. Subsection 5 of Section 8 was adopted in order to establish “for ourselves and our posterity” a

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Don't buy it…

By Stephen Anderson
Alma, KS

Back in 2014, all the “experts” were predicting fantastic cattle prices through 2018. Years of low cattle prices, extended drought, and ranchers retiring or just giving up had reduced the U.S. cowherd to near 70-year lows. Farm and ranch publications were packed with rosy predictions by everyone who thought they are someone.
Ranchers, farmers, young beginning couples, independent

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Inconvenient facts…

Inconvenient facts… By Catherine Vandemoer, Ph.D. I read with interest Jim Peterson\’s commentary (in the March 23 paper) on the CSKT Compact in reference to a recent article of mine. Unfortunately, Mr. Peterson\’s comments wildly miss the points in my article and leave me wondering whether he actually read my commentary, the Treaty of Hellgate, or the Compact. Not only did he

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