Our Editor – Kayla Sargent

As the Western Ag Reporter undergoes recent changes, I am excited to introduce myself as the new Editor. Prepared with fresh, creative ideas and a new outlook, I believe this publication will continue to serve you and grow as a trusted agricultural news source.

Originating from a fifth-generation Montana ranch, I have a real connection to the agriculture industry. Knowing exactly what it means to be a part of the industry that feeds the world is what drives me to excel in my new position as Editor.

While that title includes numerous duties, to me, the most critical is providing farmers and ranchers with information they can trust and depend on. There are so many issues in our industry today, a busy producer has to stay informed and that is where we come in.

As a journalist, I believe news stories should be filled with facts and unbiased information, leaving it up to the reader to form an opinion of their own. That being said, I make it a commitment to research my topics extensively and reach out to as many industry professionals and sources as possible. Our content will still include many of the same columns where opinions are discussed and pondered.

Flipping through Western Ag Reporter archives, I came across a quote, "I don't worry about the past, except to learn from it. I love today, but I'm excited about tomorrow!" Pat Goggins said.

I am excited for the future of our paper and our industry. It can be easy to get caught up in the doom and gloom of the news, in fact, it can be down-right scary when your livelihood is so volatile. My Grandpa once said, "they might have to get hungry before they figure it out". He wasn't wrong, the world needs this industry to survive. But, that is good news!

We have trusted leaders that are fighting for agriculture every day, new generations following in the footsteps of their parents whom are gaining a love for the lifestyle, and committed, hard-working folks that won't quit in the face of opposition. I am confident in our future and look forward to playing my part in the role as Editor of the Western Ag Reporter.

I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to have input in the editorial content. If you believe an event merits coverage, or you hear of something that needs investigating, please, drop me an email or call me in the office.

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