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Thursday, 25 May, 2017

What Generation Are You?
I have had many conversations and questions over the past year or so on the subject of “generations.” The national press loves to talk about the Millennial Generation. I think we all realize that this generation mainly deals with the younger people in this country, but I don’t think that most of us realize what exactly the

sale reports


Southwest Select Broke Horse Sale
Sale Averages: 38 Geldings $5,326 9 Mares $5,133 2 Ponies $3,000 Sale Highlights:

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Duppong's Willow Creek 24th Annual Born to Perform Angus Bull Sale
Sale Average: 74 Yearling Angus Bulls $4,483 Sale Highlights: Lot 4, WCF Payout 624

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Paint Rock Angus Ranch Spring Production Sale
64 Yearling Angus Bulls Averaged $3,375 14 Yearling Angus Heifers Averaged $1,610 76 Commercial Yearling H

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McDonnell Angus Annual Spring Beef Country Genetics Sale
Sale Average:   90 Yearling Angus Bulls Average $4,922   Sale Highlights:

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Hoyt's Angus Ranch 30th Annual Production Sale
Sale Average: 46 Yearling Angus Bulls $3,146 Sale Highlights: Lot 55, HAR Courage 4

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Upcoming Events

20th annual Cattlemen's Ball of Nebraska


Reported By: Kara Fairbank Don't miss this! The 20th annual Cattlemen's Ball of Nebr

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Angus breeders, you might think about this! World Angus Forum 2017


Angus breeders, you might think about this!World Angus Forum 2017 In

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Current News Stories

Dirty meat & dirty money plunge Brazil into political crisis

By Leesa Zalesky

Dirty meat thrust JBS S.A. onto the front pages of newspapers around the world in March, and now dirty money has the company right back in the spotlight. JBS is owned and controlled by siblings Joesley and Wesley Batista, who now appear to be at the center of two ongoing and massive corruption probes that merged and boiled

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A few more details…

From an article “Canada, Mexico, & U.S. meat industries unite on NAFTA talks” written by Aidan Fortune and published May 19 by

The Trump administration’s notification to “modernize” NAFTA has spurred the Canadian, Mexican, and U.S. beef industries to join forces. Following the notification by U.S. Trade Rep Robert Lighthizer to Congress that President Trump wants to renegotiate the trade

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MFBF: Stop water rights extortion!

Federal agencies managing Western lands are increasingly demanding that ranchers with grazing permits on federal lands surrender their water rights to the government or get off the range. The Montana Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) believes this is extortion and is not an acceptable practice of the “people’s government.” MFBF strongly supports what’s being called the Water Rights Protection Act, which

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Mexico preparing export push if NAFTA fails

The Mexican government has begun preparing for a “negative outcome,” should the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) crumble, according to Rabobank. Throughout his election campaign, U.S. President Donald Trump labeled NAFTA a “disaster” and threatened to “break it,” should renegotiation talks fail. Planning for the worst, Mexico — a NAFTA member along with the U.S. and Canada — is

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NFU: Trump’s budget… An assault on agriculture

President Donald Trump issued a detailed fiscal year 2018 federal budget proposal on May 23, recommending drastic cuts to agricultural and rural related agencies and programs. The proposal would cut Farm Bill programs by nearly $230 billion and slash the USDA annual budget by 21%. In response to the proposal, National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson issued the following statement:

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NCBA joins Canadian & Mexican partners in Presidential letter: “Don’t jeopardize our success under NAFTA”

On May 18, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association joined its cattle industry partners in Canada and Mexico in sending a joint letter to the leaders of those two nations and to President Trump, urging the three leaders to not “jeopardize the success we have all enjoyed as partners of the North American Free Trade Agreement.” The letter to President Trump,

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Front Page Photo 5-25-17

Work Ethic 101 in progress here as Mike Hammond teaches 8-year-old grandson Everett how to stamp on a hot iron brand during the annual Mother’s Day branding at Indian Creek Ranch east of Billings, Montana. Photo by Corinne Hammond.

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Sortin Pen 5-23-17

Quote of the Week:
Hello, Montana! This week’s quote was sent by Janet Endecott of McAllister for her dad, Bob Goggins. “Make definite plans, but keep them flexible.” And happy birthday to Bob, who turns 93 on May 28!

If you have a favorite quote to submit, send it along to Linda at

Get engaged: Water Rights Protection Act…
This federal legislation is

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